Bob’s Pogo Bar

<p>Robert Wilhite, <em>Bob’s Pogo Bar</em>, 2016; Installation view KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Photo: Frank Sperling.</p>

Robert Wilhite, Bob’s Pogo Bar, 2016; Installation view KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Photo: Frank Sperling.


Bob’s Pogo Bar is an installation by artist and designer Robert Wilhite (born in 1946 in Santa Ana, US), which aims to reintroduce the format of a bar that existed in the late 90’s in the basement of KW Institute for Contemporary Art. The original Pogo Bar was a club that welcomed a variety of writers, artists, gallerists and musicians whoaround the turn of the millenniumstarted to discover the district Berlin-Mitte as a possible place for cultural exchange and production. Within the framework of the artistic program, Bob’s Pogo Bar will transform the basement into an installation, a salon or a potential theatre. Every Thursday night an artist will take over Bob’s Pogo Bar, hosting an evening that can evolve out of their own practice or expand it into a night of drinks, music or performance. The bar follows the format of Bob’s Your Uncle, a bar that was held at Kunstverein in Amsterdam from 2014 to 2016, where it hosted over 50 evenings.


Robert Wilhite is a Los Angeles based artist. He studied at the University of California, Irvine, US, with noted artists Robert Irwin, Larry Bell, and Ed Moses among others. His 45 year, multi-disciplined career includes sculpture, painting, drawing, design, and both theatrical and sound performances. Wilhite’s practice, as he commented, is a continual juggle between the serendipitous, the conceptual, and the tangible. His work displays a readiness to freely move amongst mediums and disciplines, from fine art of sculpture, music, and performance, but also to rethinking the everyday objects around us. For Wilhite: “A painting is an object, and a coffee pot is an object. Which object inspires attention and contemplation? As artists we should be able to look at both with inspiration and folly.” In the late ’70s, Wilhite collaborated on four plays with Guy de Cointet. He remains involved in the re-staging of these plays today. Bobs Pogo Bar will bring together Wilhite’s artistic and design practice as a forum for others to present their ideas and work.


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