Education and Mediation

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<p>Berlin Mondiale, Project: <em>For Tomorrow</em>, 2017</p>

Berlin Mondiale, Project: For Tomorrow, 2017


KW Institute for Contemporary Art’s educational and mediation program tests together with artists and different communities new spatial, thematic, and political constellations, that investigate KW in its function as a public institution and react to the current exhibition program and its concept with flexible feedback processes. Since 2013, KW works closely with artist and art mediator Mona Jas. Jas conceived the Lab for Art Education, testing different formats of mediation that include workshops, seminars, ongoing projects, and events. Mona Jas is involved during the development of the exhibition program and is therefore able to take up and expand topics and ideas in advance. 


The Lab for Art Education cooperates with the Heinz-Brandt-Schule, the Alfred-Nobel-Schule, the Jugendkunstschule Pankow, the Berlin Weissensee School of Art, the ASB emergency shelter in Berlin-Moabit as part of Berlin Mondiale as well as with a7.außenseinsatz. Within the project Verknüpfungen, new cooperations with ifa-Galerie, the Bauhaus Denkmal Bundesschule Bernau bei Berlin e.V., and Bernau emergency shelters are being introduced in this hub.


Free Guided Tours

With the opening of the new artistic program under the directorship of Krist Gruijthuijsen in January 2017, visitors can constantly take part in free guided tours through the exhibitions during the opening hours.


Tandem tours

Would you like to discover new places in the city?

Then we, the education team of KW, cordially invite you to a visit at Kunst-Werke Berlin (KW). KW is an institution for contemporary art that has been staging exhibitions and realizing projects with artists for more than 25 years. On a number of dates in the summer, Hozaifa Khalaili and members of the institution will take a look behind the scenes of the institution, explore the current exhibitions and the beautiful courtyard.


The tour is held in bilingual tandems (German and Arabic). Free admission.


All upcoming dates will be published on this website soon.


If you have questions, please contact us at: or by phone: 030 243459 41 // 0157 58921220.


! تعالوا معنا الى ملتقى الفن في برلين

اذا كان لديكم الرغبة والاطلاع في اكتشاف أماكن جديدة في المدينة, يدعوكم, فريق العمل للملتقى الفني

.بكل سرور لحضور جولة في عالم المواهب والفن العالمي في الملتقى الفني

ملتقى الفن هو حاضن وشامل للفن المعاصر القائم منذ 25 سنة على عرض الاعمال الفنية

.والعمل على مشاريع مع فنانين عالميين

من خلال جولتنا معكم في الملتقى, سوف نلقي الضوء على الكواليس التاريخية للملتقى

.الفني وإتاحة الفرصة لمشاهدة الفنون الحديثة

.اذا كنتم من هواة الفن, يمكن الحضور في المواعيد الاتية

السبت 08.07.2017 الساعة الثالثة ظهرا

السبت 15.07.2017 الساعة الثالثة ظهرا

السبت 12.08.2017 الساعة الثالثة ظهرا

السبت 26.08.2017 الساعة الثالثة ظهرا

Auguststraße 10117, 69 Berlin .العنوان

مع العلم أن الجولة ستكون باللغة العربية والألمانية

اذا كان لديكم صعوبة في معرفة العنوان أو أية اسئلة أو استفسارات عليكم الاتصال على رقم الهواتف التالي

015758921220 // 030 243459 41


Guided Group Tours (more than 10 persons) 

60 Minutes

max. 25 people or class size

70 € / reduced 50 €, plus reduced admission fee/person

Guided tours can be booked in german and english.


For further information on tours for large groups (over 10 people), please contact Katja Zeidler, or +49 30 243459-41.


Contact Details for Education and Mediation:

Katja Zeidler

KW Institute for Contemporary Art


Mona Jas

Artist, Lab for Art Education





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