Inverted Commas


21 January 17, 4 pm 

In English


Launch of the 13th issue of the journal F.R.DAVID, with reading and song by editors Will Holder and Riet Wijnen 


<p>Cover <em>F.R.DAVID, </em>issue 13<em><br />

Cover F.R.DAVID, issue 13


Inverted Commas’s starting point is TheRegistry of Pseudonyms, an online database of pseudonyms which accounts for who is who and why who is who. This issue of F.R.DAVID focuses on the term ‘pseudonym’ through aspects of names and naming, bodies, brains, the self, audiences, authorship, and all their mutual relations. 


Co-published in 2017 by uh books and KW Institute for Contemporary Art – F.R.DAVID is a typographical journal, dealing with the management of reading and writing in contemporary art practices. The launch is part of the project Prospectus: A Year with Will Holder.


With additional support by Kunsthuis SYB.


Free entry, limited capacity