9–10 November 17

3rd floor


Mavis Tetteh-Ocloo

<p><em>Seat/Sit (Coming of the morning series)</em>, Installation view,  Photo credit: Kwaku Boafo Kissiedu</p>

Seat/Sit (Coming of the morning series), Installation view,  Photo credit: Kwaku Boafo Kissiedu


Seat/Sit is a video work that forms part of a series of works titled Coming of the morning, in which the Ghanaian artist and curator Mavis Tetteh-Ocloo shows recordings of the sun rising at dawn. Observing the barely noticeable changes within the color spectrum, the black image reveals a chair located in an unfinished building. Just as the object appears, it quickly vanishes back into the dark and reappears again. In the process of editing, an illusion of reversed time is created by means of reordering forward moving segments. Additionally, the display suggests a looping and simultaneity of a non-linear conception of time, since each of the two projections start at different points in time.