One Night Stand #3: Errant Bodies / General Public
Reality Is a Very Strong Move



11 December 14


© MJ Ourtilane
© MJ Ourtilane


Together, Errant Bodies and General Public arrange an evening in exile, presenting performances and works that use performance as a term. Chosen kin plays an important role, as do relationships, expanded networks, political action, music, and silent interventions.

How are fractured, individual narratives and biographies related to cultural-geographic histories, and how do they come to play in a collective at large? There is only a fine line between (self)definition and questioning existence as such. You could take it with a smile, but you can just as easily fall apart completely at the confrontation with the foreign that exists inside ourself.

With Gilles Aubry, Fabienne Audeoud, Antonia Baehr, Serge Baghdassarians, Graw Böckler, Chat, Kane Do, Discoteca Flaming Star, Ernesto Estrella, Deli Gleba, Akın Kazuk, Eva Meyer Keller, Käthe Kruse, Edda Kruse-Rosset, Brandon LaBelle, Michael Laurent, Ligna, Plan B, Kirsten Reese, Catarina Santos, Heidi Sill, Annette E. Stahmer, Dorothy Valence, Antje Vowinckel, Jeremy Woodruff, and Ella Ziegler.

One Night Stand is a project by KW Institute for Contemporary Art with the Network of Berlin Independent Project Spaces and Initiatives. The collaboration aims to make the variety and quality of Berlinʼs project spaces accessible to a wider audience. The partners regularly invite a single
 or a group of independent projects to react to the institutional context and engage in conversation with it: Interventions, performances, lectures, talks, and screenings are conceptualized in relation to this collaborative framework, and the series is conceived as an experimental, open meeting point.