The Berlin Sessions


Lecture, in English

8 February 17, 7 pm

1st floor Front building KW

Free entry, limited capacity


AA Bronson on Elijah Burgher

<p>Portrait AA Bronson and Elijah Burgher (f.l.t.r.), Photo: Elijah Burgher</p>

Portrait AA Bronson and Elijah Burgher (f.l.t.r.), Photo: Elijah Burgher


‘In Canada, where I come from, there are Vancouverites, Winnipegers, Torontonians and Montrealers. Identity is determined at birth, or perhaps by where one went to school. Identity is geographical. But in Berlin, certain kinds of artists, makers of culture, are assembling from around the world, and how do we describe this modern migration? On the anniversary of my fourth year in Berlin, I talk about Elijah Burgher, who has been here for one year. Elijah’s work, through painting and drawing, emerges from his life with magic, music, ritual, and sex. I first met Elijah on Fire Island, that gay mecca outside New York, where we collaborated on a ritual painting in the Magic Forest. But now I try to see Elijah through the lens of Berlin, as a queer refuge, as a place of isolation, interruption and perversion, that is to say freedom, and transformation.’ (AA Bronson)