Albrecht Schäfer
Winds and Windings



6 July – 7 September 08



Albrecht Schäfer. Winds and Windings
July 06 - September 07, 2008

Opening: July 05, 2008, 5 - 10 h

Diffuse light is refracted hundreds of times, an intensive play of light and shadow permeates the space. Raw, unplaned material contrasts with filigree forms, thus focusing the viewer's perception on the constitution of everyday surroundings. More than three hundred roof laths vertically span the exhibition space, which is covered by a vaulted ceiling. The laths, all of the same length, take up the shape of the ceiling in the way they are bent and form a matrix depicting the essence of the space.

Albrecht Schäfer unveils the poetry of everyday things in his works. He deconstructs objects and spaces, placing them in new contexts of meaning apparently not inherent to them. The starting point of each artwork is always the materiality and constitution of the object Schäfer deals with. Newly evolving shapes seem to be given in the logic of the material. The artist reveals structures and possibilities that are surprising and also suggest themselves, thus getting to their core.

Albrecht Schäfer creates new works for the KW Institute for Contemporary Art by intensively examining and dealing with the space. The KW exhibits the first extensive solo show of the artist, who was born in Stuttgart in 1967.

The exhibition is curated by Susanne Pfeffer.