Alexa Kreissl & Daniel Kerber



7 July – 4 October 01


KW Institute for Contemporary Art present an installation by the artistic duo Alexa Kreissl & Daniel Kerber

The observation of secondary architectural phenomena, supporting constructions and temporary structures is the starting point for Alexa Kreissl's and Daniel Kerber's fragile architectural landscapes.

The photographic past exhibitions of images thus assembled, serves the artists as a collection of sculptural phenomena. As if it were a source code made visible, a selection of this past exhibitions is displayed on the first floor of the Kunst-Werke. From this existing vocabulary Kreissl and Kerber develop architectural structures and patterns, computer generated vector-drawings and three-dimensional sketches, which they then assemble into landscapes and urban panorama.

It is only the search and development of new materials which allows the artists the translation of their utopian ideas into the real space. The modular system employed, which consists of both very simple as well as technical highly developed materials, is variable, easily dismantable and transportable and thus allows the artists to relate to any specific architectural situation. Individual sculptural elements often remain without a recognizable function and yet are multifunctional at the same time. In the non-rational surrounding their function - if not remaining entirely abstract - becomes only apparent when used and is thus defined temporarily.

For the first and second floor of the Kunst-Werke Alexa Kreissl and Daniel Kerber have developed a sculptural landscape which relates to the existing architecture, especially to the opening between the two floors.

Alexa Kreissl (*1973) and Daniel Kerber (*1970) have been working together since 1992. A.o. their works were shown in Tokyo (Musashino Art University, "Terminal"), Bonn (Peter-Mertes-Stipendium Bonner Kunstverein) and at the Art Cologne.

With the support of Pfleiderer Holzwerkstoffe GmbH & Co KG