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Double – Exhibition by Dag Erik Elgin at Likörfabrik



Kunst: Sprache – An exhibition on art and how it comes to language – Exhibition by the board of trustees


Die Ecken des Lebens oder über eine perspektivische Architektur der Wahrheit – Installation by Monica Bonvicini


Reste vom Mehrwert – Open studio by Ulrike Grossarth


Güsse in Sand – Exhibition by Jochen Fischer at Likörfabrik


Unterschriften – Exhibition by Andrej Monastyrskij (curated by Kathrin Becker)



Günter Unterburger – Sculpture exhibition


oniscus murarius – Sound installation by Constantino Ciervo, Ottmar Kiefer and Ampelio Zappalorto



Symposiums on French art with critics Nicolas Bourriaud, Frank Perrin and Oliver Zahm (organized by Thomas Wulffen)


Sound warp – fruits of Columbus – Sound installation by Sabine Schäfer and Hens Breet within the framework of the festival of virtual irritation


William Eggleston – Photography exhibition in collaboration with Amerika-Haus


Installation by Hale Tenger within the framework of the exhibition Iskele – Türkische Kunst heute of ifa Berlin



Kids Fantasy Cakes – Exhibition and opening of the Institute of Theoretical Painting at Likörfabrik (curated by Kathrin Becker, Claudia Hart)


Das DDR-Projekt – Installation by Doug Hall (curated by Micha Kapinos)


Horror – Installation by Tony Oursler



Berliner Chronik – Writing installation by Joseph Kosuth in the public space of Berlin and in the media TAZ, SFB and ORB (Project managers: Harald Fricke, Klaus Biesenbach)


A Realibus ad Realiora – Photography exhibition by Anatolij Shuravlev (curated by Brigitte Sonnenschein)



Das Genre Tier – Zoologie oder: Mein kleiner Tierfreund – Exhibition with animal illustrations by Georg Ettl, Thomas Grünfeld, Peter Greenaway, Klaus Hoefs, Candida Höfer, Wilmar Koenig, Wolfgang Müller, Claudia Pegel, Stoph Sauter, Ingeborg Strobl (curated by Holger Weh)



Fragen – Installation by Bettina Munk


from September 1994 onwards

never mind the nineties – Talk series in cooperation with Hochschule der Künste. With Art Club 2000, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Marius Babias, Robert Jelinek, Evgenij Jufit, Robert Nickas, Renée Green, Renate Lorenz, Angela Bulloch, Penelope Georgiou, Jennie Livingston, Christine and Irene Hohenbüchler, Fabrice Hybert, Valerie Smith, Regina Möller, Christine Borland, Gabriel Orozco, Pipilotti Rist, and others. (Organizers: Katharina Sieverding, Klaus Biesenbach)



Travelling without a map – Sculpture installation by Richard Wentworth (curated by Peter Funken)


STARTBLOCK Postkonzeptuelle Malerei 2 – Group exhibition with Gunda Förster, Daniel Habgegger, Hanna Lentz, Robert Lucander, Ines Knackstedt, Valeska Peschke, Andrea Stahl and performances by Ulf Papay, Valeska Peschke, Olav Westphalen (curated by Peter Herbstreuth)


Post Conceptual Painting 1 – Group exhibition with Dagmar Bechhaus, Martin Figura, Claudia Hart, Stephan Jung, Johannes Kahrs, Leonards Laganovskis, Hinrich Sachs, Nika Spalinger, Dani Tull at Likörfabrik (curated by Claudia Hart and Kathrin Becker)


November – December

Fragments of ‚a career’ – Retrospective by Terry Atkinson (curated by Wolfgang Winkler)


Spiral JettyHotel Palenque – Installation by Robert Smithson (curated by Klaus Biesenbach)


Ausstellungen b) gepflegte Atmosphäre – Exhibition by Pia Lanzinger


Nekrorealismus – Exhibition by Evgneij Jufit at Likörfabrik (curated by Kathrin Becker)