Miss St’s Hieroglyphic Suffering


14–15 April 18, 8 pm

3rd Floor

5 € / 3 € reduced (ticket)



A re-production of Act II of Ariana Reines’ dramatization Telephone of Avital Ronell’s Telephone Book (1989), on the occasion of Judith Hopf’s exhibition Stepping Stairs at KW Institute for Contemporary Art.


Chewed, conducted, staged and rewired by Rosa Aiello, Elif Saydam, Mark von Schlegell, and/or Anna Zacharoff, with live musical score by Luzie Meyer. Blackout. Sound. Blackout. Rhapsodized women rage. 40+ minutes. At least. Invisible interlocutors plug in to a web without weaver. Mute eternities, pregnant pauses, hang ups, distractions…some hits, a Miss. Tech spiders under hunchback pack tightly jammed lines; to get in touch; song rings out. The telephone itself gives way … to the telephone, sorry! Even that is old world now. As is the tone. So consider the woman in the phone, not only the phone in the woman. Play her back as a séance, and a plea, plied for your pleasure. Mobile phones off!