Between Art and Film: Five Conversations About the Shifting Space of Production



20 June 13


Anthony McCall: Line Describing a Cone, 24Min, 288°, USA 1973
Anthony McCall: Line Describing a Cone, 24Min, 288°, USA 1973


With: Duncan Campbell (Glasgow), Phil Collins (Berlin, Köln), Stuart Comer (Tate Modern, London), Marta Donzelli (Vivo Film, Rom), Tine Fischer (CPH:DOX festival, Kopenhagen), Juan A. Gaitán (8th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art), Bert Rebhandl (Cargo Magazine, Berlin), Ive Stevenheydens (ARGOS collection, Brüssel), Bettina Steinbrügge (Österreichische Galerie Belvedere / 21er Haus), Olaf Stüber (Olaf Stüber Gallery, Berlin), Michael Weber (The Match Factory, Köln), among others

During five conversations, established guests from across the fields of film, art, theory, digital media and video art will exchange their latest ideas. Specific themes are defined and questions are raised about the fieldsʼ intersection, all trying to grasp what is to be gained – or lost – from erasing the boundaries between them.

The following subjects will lead the conversations:

1) The new object
2) The new producer: production companies, art galleries and new enterprises in between
3) The new market: private and public film funding, festivals, art institutions and collectors
4) The new space – transgressive curating: establishing connections between genres, formats, spaces and audiences
5) The new viewer: the masses or the specialist? Who watches films today, why and where?