Conversation and live music
Christopher Kulendran Thomas
Epilogue for Another World


with Sinthujan Varatharajah, Moshtari Hilal, Asad Raza and Prem Krishnamurthy


15 January 2023, 3 pm

In English

KW Institute for Contemporary Art, 4th floor




“How do you tell the story of the losing side when history has already been written by the winners?” Join Christopher Kulendran Thomas and invited special guests for a talk about how reality can be shaped by fictional narratives and how lost histories that didn’t play out might be ways of glimpsing the possibility of other kinds of societies.


The conversation will be followed by live music and is part of a series of conversations presented in collaboration with the Institute of Contemporary Art London, presented by, a new project bringing together collaborations across art, architecture and technology to build shared tools for cooperative economies. This iteration is part of the closing weekend of the exhibition Christopher Kulendran Thomas – Another World at KW, presented in parallel at KW Berlin and ICA London.