When Education turns to Art

<p>When Education turns to Art #5 – Commissions, Photo: Judith Boegner</p>

When Education turns to Art #5 – Commissions, Photo: Judith Boegner


Since October 2014, the co-operational project has been addressing the central question of what contemporary art can mean to young people. Pupils of Heinz-Brandt-Schule acting as “Art Scouts” take up the role of art mediators and develop their own thematic, experimental workshops and formats including impulses and topics of on-going exhibitions at KW together with artists and university students. During their visiting days they invite up to 400 fellow students of Heinz-Brandt-Schule as workshop participants. The results are presented together in the exhibition context of KW and visualised via online platforms such as Instagram as well as their own website for the project.



The aim is an artistic localisation of the participants in contemporary art and a resulting new, positive experience of art in an exhibition context. The joint search for personal relations and the creative expression by voice is paramount in this project. The dialogue works both ways – the knowledge of the institution shall also be remodelled.


Within the scope of When Education turns to Art #5 (Commissions) a project website was programmed. The website is a visual amalgamation of the singular parts as well as a creative extension of the project. It combines the Commissions with the students’ interpretations, reveals input and output, and creates a new context. The website as a format concentrates and represents the students’ perspectives to the public. The slogan “dieideezaehlt” (theideacounts) of the domain was developed by the students during a reflection on the commissions. When it comes to artwork that is not marked as such, it is all too often judged too quickly: “I could do that!” Following the question “Is that art or junk?”, the students came to the conclusion: It is the idea that counts.



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Initiative and concept by Mona Jas (Lab for Art Education)


When Education turns to Art is a project of cooperating partners KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Heinz-Brandt Schule, weißensee kunsthochschule berlin, Jugendkunstschule Pankow, RAA Berlin and the art mediation collective a7.außeneinsatz – within the scope of “Künste öffnen Welten” – a program of Federal Association of Cultural Education for Children and Youth in “Kultur macht stark” of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. It is facilitated by the State Program “Kulturagenten für kreative Schulen Berlin” of the German Children and Youth Foundation (DKJS).