In which ways is our behavior in art galleries and museums pre-determined? What could be possible strategies to explore a place like KW in a different way? How can we change our perspectives, attitudes and postures? And most importantly: What does all this have to do with social pedagogical training?


Together with students of Ruth-Cohn-Schule für Sozialwesen, the dancer and dance educator Christina Wüstenhagen tries out strategies for bodily action and for the perception of our own body in exhibitions of contemporary art in different formats.


Following a series of workshops offering first insights into the integration of artistic practices into pedagogical work in 2018, a one-year elective course was developed in cooperation with Oberstufenzentrum für Sozialwesen in Berlin-Charlottenburg and KW. The elective sought to make practical approaches tangible to prospective educators, reflect upon them collectively, and incorporate them into their own pedagogical formats.


During the first half of the year, the elective focused on the students themselves and sought to give them a chance to explore the space KW, specifically the Beatriz Gonzáles exhibition, and find alternative approaches to them – independent of preconceived notions about what artworks and visits to the museum should look like. During their time at KW, the students collected an array of methods, ranging from mind maps to embodied images, which they could subsequently transfer to other exhibition venues in the second half of the year. This allowed the students to participate in different forms of mediation, compare experiences, and develop their own formats.


kulturEXTERN_museumis a cooperation between KW Institute for Contemporary Art and Ruth-Cohn-Schule, Berlin-Charlottenburg. The project is made possible trough support from the state program “Kulturagenten für kreative Schulen Berlin” of DKJS and by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.


Artistic direction and conception: 

Christina Wüstenhagen 


Conceptual collaboration: 

Celia Mehnert, Duygu Örs, Katharina Stahlhoven, Katja Zeidler