Traces of time

<p>Photo: Katja Zeidler, 2017</p>

Photo: Katja Zeidler, 2017


In October 2017, children between the ages of 4 and 10, who temporarily lived in the ASB emergency shelter Berlin Alt-Moabit, went on a research for traces together with the dancers Christina Wüstenhagen, Bahar Meriç and Lea Svenja Dietrich.


What are traces? Who or what leaves traces? Where do they lead us? Have they always been there or are they sometimes getting lost?


Inspired by the exhibition Whiteout by Willem de Rooij presented at KW Institute for Contemporary Art, the participants explored water, ice, and dance. The team of dancers focused in particular on creating sensitive events that allowed the children to experience time and transience. Using different formats, the group explored together what one creates, how it passes and how it remains as memory in the body.


Artistic Directors:
Christina Wüstenhagen and Bahar Meriç


Artistic Assistance:
Lea Svenja Dietrich


Project Assistance:
Sirak Fissuh