Interventions within (inter-)spaces


Duration: August 2020 – July 2021


<p>Model I, in conjunction with <em>Markt der Möglichkeiten</em> [Market of Ideas], 2020 © Katja Zeidler</p>

Model I, in conjunction with Markt der Möglichkeiten [Market of Ideas], 2020 © Katja Zeidler


The self-conception of public life has not only been facing massive challenges since COVID-19. It requires unusual solutions for the ways we stay in touch with one another in the future and to create spaces for encounter and participation. Students of the 7th grade at the Hemingway School will work in a year long course to engage in designing such spaces. They will be working with the architectural collective 45° (Alkistis Thomidou, Gianmaria Socci) as well as with art mediators from different practices. For the project, selected places of the students will be visited and connected with places that have (not yet) played a central role in their everyday lives: school, streets, museums. What characterizes a space that protect, invites or excludes? Where is it located? What feelings does one associate with it? Can these spaces mix or disguise? How can we occupy new spaces with our stories and even (co-)design them in the future?


Based on experimental methods from art, design and architecture, the project is based on “learning-by-doing”-principles and focusses on collaborative working models, sustainability and urban renewal. Therefore, Peer-to-peer meetings are intended to facilitate an exchange between the students, the youth committee Jugendgremium Schattenmuseum as well as with members of the youth center new way, to further develop ideas and proposals. Over the course of a year, alternative architectural modules will be designed and used beyond the project for actions and encounters.


A cooperation between KW Institute for Contemporary Art, collective 45°, Hemingway-Schule Berlin-Mitte, Stiftung SPI, Geschäftsbereich Lebenslagen, Vielfalt & Stadtentwicklung, SIDE VIEWS e.V., and the Jugendgremium Schattenmuseum [youth committee].


Artistic direction: Alkistis Thomidou, Gianmaria Socci



<p>The project is funded by the Berlin Project Fund Kulturelle Bildung.</p>


The project is funded by the Berlin Project Fund Kulturelle Bildung.