Berlin sagt Danke



18 February 16



Within Berlin sagt Danke, KW Institute for Contemporary Art invites to visit the new group exhibition Secret Surface. Where Meaning Materializes on February 18, 2016. Please bring your ID to show Berlin is your place of residence.

Secret Surface. Where Meaning Materializes
Our occidental world view and accordingly its culture are implicitly founded on the idea of a “beyond” – the horizon and what may lie beyond it, the infinity of the universe and, ultimately, death – that is opposed to the commonplace. This idea gives human existence a direction, and promises fulfillment or completeness. This is why we associate meaning with depth and tend to implicitly devalue the surface: people and things lacking complexity and intensity are superficial.

The exhibition reverses this logic, and presents contemporary works by artists that do not set up any kind of spiritual afterworld alongside unsatisfactory reality, but conceive of emptiness as a driving force in itself. Against this background, the works in this group exhibition examine whether – and how – meaning is brought about without recourse to metaphysical explanatory models.

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