The Berlin Sessions:


Premier of the 6th episode Reflections: 30 July 20
33:44 minutes

In English


© Colin Self & Zander Porter, 2020


After a five-year hiatus and a recent revival of its performance series under invitations from Schöneberg’s TV Bar, the biannual ClumpTV video series by Colin Self and Zander Porter returns with a new episode titled Reflections.


For episode six, ClumpTV looks into performances and collective gatherings of the recent past amidst current cogitation around liveness, togetherness, and socially-distanced intimacies, experiences, and communication. As a hesitation to expand too soon towards post- and ongoing-pandemic narratives, episode six provides a meditative and reflective anchor within the waters of uncertainty. Born out of a need to assemble in alternative forms and spaces, the archive of ClumpTV compiles performative experiments from autumn 2019 into February 2020.


Co-curated by Colin Self & Zander Porter

Performances/ appearances by: Anonymous, Old Cindy, Nicole Garneau, The Horrors of Gay Romance, Sholem Krishtalka, Luke Neocamp, Zander Porter, Lyra Pramuk, Colin Self, Silk Worm

Special thanks: Jack Caton (Dee Jay Jack), Tetyana Gryniva (documentation), Calla Henkel & Max Pitegoff (TV Bar)