BLESS N°72 Saunarider
In collaboration with
Sam Chermayeff Office


25 February 22, 4–9 pm
26 February 22, 2–7 pm
27 February 22, 2–7 pm


Venue: KW Hof, BLESSlet

Tickets 10€; reduced: 8€ 


– Tickets are sold out! –

Book a time slot here:

Each time slot gives 30 minutes of sauna access for a maximum of three people from one household.


In accordance with the current Covid-19 regulations the 2G+ rule (vaccinated or recovered as well as boostered or tested) applies for all KW events.


<p><span class="" lang="EN-US"><em>BLESS N°72 Saunarider</em> </span>in collaboration with Sam Chermayeff Office, Courtesy BLESS</p>

BLESS N°72 Saunarider in collaboration with Sam Chermayeff Office, Courtesy BLESS


As the first element of A Year With BLESS, the BLESSlet at KW has just been successfully launched. To further situate themselves at KW and as a health-preserving measure in these strenuous times, BLESS is initiating three sauna days in the KW courtyard for the general strengthening of KW’s team and visitors. In collaboration with architect Sam Chermayeff, the situation designers have created the Saunarider: a mobile sauna in a 90s Mercedes-Benz outfitted with a wooden bead interior. The Saunarider will accompany A Year With BLESS through 2022 and will be installed in a variety of situations and environments. For the opening weekend, the KW courtyard will be operational for optimal sauna enjoyment, of course with a cold-water shower and resting facilities in the courtyard as well as in the adjacent BLESSlet.



Psychological Operations Vodka sponsored by Stauffenberg


<p>With generous support by Kvadrat</p>


With generous support by Kvadrat