Last book launch of F.R.DAVID – “Erratum”:
Music to study/relax too


with a durational concert by Oùat and open mic


9 February, 7 pm–midnight

In English, German translations available

Venue: KW Studio
Registration via


<p>Image Credits: <em>F.R.DAVID</em> WINTER 23/SPRING 24</p>
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Image Credits: F.R.DAVID WINTER 23/SPRING 24



Since 2007, F.R.DAVID was concerned with reading & writing in the arts (co-published by KW since 2017). Ending 17 years of publishing, editing and keeping this journal of private reading – and as a continuation of his A Year With… – Will Holder invites the public to a space for private reading.


Subject – as we are – to overwhelming and distracted conditions for reading & writing in public, and all subsequent “Errata”*, Will has invited Berlin-based Oùat (Simon Sieger piano, Joel Grip double bass, Michael Griener drums) to play “Music to study/relax to”, with drinks, for five hours.


In addition, Anthony Elms has been commissioned to write a vocal score for the evening. Duration should collapse any expectations of its being entertaining, and the presence of 24 issues of F.R.DAVID might slowly encourage people to read, silently; to each other, to everyone; or say anything they like. (Open mic).


* Following an open call, this is—the very last issue—a collectively-compiled “Erratum”, or addendum [if you will] to the twenty-three issues from 2007 until now.


Edited with Paul Abbott, After 8, Alma Sarif, Phil Baber, Daniel Blumberg, Thomas Boutoux, Kristien Van den Brande, Chloe Chignell, Martina Copley, Anthony Elms, Chris Evans, Carolina Festa, Kasper Feyrer, Richard Finlay Fletcher, Ben Green, Mariëtte Groot, Krist Gruijthuijsen, Léa Guillon, Sarah Handley, Gloria Hasnay, Loes Jacobs, Michel Khleifi, Willis Kingery, gerlach en koop, James Goggin, Keira Greene, Léa Guillon, Jacob Lindgren, Kobe Matthijs, Martino Morandi, Zen Nguyen, Alice Notley, Robert M. Ochshorn, Oscar the dog, Willem Oorebeek, David Reinfurt, Scott Rogers, Andrés de Santiago Areizaga, Rosa Sarholz, Clara Schulmann, Andrea di Serego Alighieri, Sabrina Tarasoff, Kristy Trinier, Seymour Wright and Unknown.