Book launch and reading:
Timo Feldhaus
Mary Shelleys Zimmer


moderated by Laura Ewert


12 April 22, 7 pm

In German

Venue: Café Bravo


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Mount Tambora explodes. The volcanic eruption on an Indonesian island is the most powerful in modern times and causes enormous climate changes. It becomes cold and dark, and Europe too experiences a year without summer in 1816.
Timo Feldhaus follows the huge ash cloud that darkens the world and observes what happens beneath it: Goethe discovers cloud science, Caspar David Friedrich paints the poison yellow and red sunsets, Napoleon sits lonely on the island of St. Helena and has lost everything. A girl sees her family starving and wanders through a Germany where the national idea is emerging. In Geneva, an artistic eruption occurs: eighteen-year-old Mary Shelley, having just fled London with her love, hides from the frost and storms with Lord Byron, the first rock star poet. Here the quiet, highly talented woman with the crazy friends and famous parents gets the idea for her first novel: the story of Frankenstein and his monster, the first science fiction.
Timo Feldhaus describes a sky and a world in turmoil – surprisingly similar to the one we live in today. It is an adventurous love story in the midst of a climate catastrophe.


Timo Feldhaus, born in 1980, is a journalist and author. After studying literature and sociology, he writes about art and society for Zeit Online, Monopol and Welt am Sonntag. He lives in Berlin.