After the Butcher - Der Mensch liebt nicht den Menschen, er liebt das Geld des Menschen



26 June 11




Der Mensch liebt nicht den Menschen, er liebt das Geld des Menschen
Breaking Performance with Gotta Depri, Hauke Heumann und SKelly

„A young man, who goes by the name Without Change and who is nothing else than his name, transformed himself into a dog. How did that happen?” (Gintersdorfer/Klaßen)

The artist initiative After the Butcher describes itself as a “project space provided by artists for artists,” offering young and lesser known artists an opportunity and a platform to present their work. Franziska Böhmer and Thomas Kilpper have been pursuing this mission since 2006, having since hosted 29 exhibitions at their Spittastrasse location, a former butcher shop in the district of Lichtenberg in Berlin.

Invited by based in Berlin to develop an artistic concept for the entire third floor of KW Institute for Contemporary Art, After the Butcher collaborated with various artist groups to develop a possible program. The exhibition space will remain largely empty, and serve as a stage for a series of temporary installations or interventions by six groups of artists.

Robert Ludwig, Christian Diaz Orejarena, Michel Aniol, Anne Arlt, Vera Buhß, Friedrich Herz, Robert Lakomczyk, Lukas Quietzsch, Philip Shafer, Albert McCloud / Christoph Bannat, Axel Gerber / Gintersdorfer/Klaßen / Katja von Helldorff, Cristian Forte, Senta Burma, Sophie Heartbreakin' Fatale, Nean Lhok, Lady Gaby / JOKAklubi, Ulu Braun, Miss le Bomb, Mimosa Pale, Pasi Mäkelä,Guests / Zigaretten Rauchen / Clegg & Guttmann