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On this page you can learn more about the exhibition.

Below you will find questions to think about in the exhibition.


Who are we?


KW Institute for Contemporary Art is a place in Berlin where artists, institutions, and people come together to share ideas, discuss social and political issues, and experience art. We have exhibition halls, apartments, offices, event spaces, and a café, and work with partners around the world.



About the exhibition of Coco Fusco


Tomorrow, I Will Become an Island is the first big look back at the work of Coco Fusco, a Cuban American artist. For more than 30 years, Coco Fusco has been talking about themes such as race, women’s rights, the time after the colonial era, and criticism of institutions.


In the colonial era, for example Cuba, was ruled by Spain and the United States of America. In 1902, Cuba became independent and was able to rule itself. The exhibition at KW Institute for Contemporary Art looks at the work Coco Fusco has done since 1990. The exhibition shows many videos, photos, texts, installations, and performances by the artist. This allows us to see how her work has influenced today’s art in Germany and many other countries.


In her work, Coco Fusco looks at how people show, share, and talk about art and visual culture. The exhibition deals with what has happened because of colonialism and imperial power. This is particularly important because it relates to political and cultural debates that are happening now in Germany. KW shows how Coco Fusco’s work is very complex and includes writing, activism, and performative work. Performative means that the artists create artworks through actions performed by the artist or other people taking part. Together with the ICI Berlin, KW is organizing a series of talks.


Coco Fusco is also working on a new performance for KW and the Sophiensaele with the title Antigone Is Not Available Right Now, which will be shown in December 2023. This performance will include various media, for example images, videos, and music.


At the same time as the exhibition at KW, a publication on Coco Fusco’s work will be published by Thames & Hudson. It has contributions by Julia Bryan-Wilson, Anna Gritz, Jill Lane, Antonio José Ponte, and Coco Fusco herself.


<p>Coco Fusco. <em>Your Eyes Will Be an Empty Word</em>, 2021. Video still. Courtesy the artist.</p>

Coco Fusco. Your Eyes Will Be an Empty Word, 2021. Video still. Courtesy the artist.



What to think about in the exhibition


You can use these questions as inspiration to engage with the works of Coco Fusco.


– How do you understand the title of the exhibition Tomorrow, I Will Become an Island? What associations do you link with it?


– Coco Fusco is a Cuban-American artist. What do you know about the island of Cuba?


– Where in Coco Fusco´s work are questions raised about post-colonialism, racism or feminism? How are they represented?


Have fun!