atelier le balto
Archipel, 2017

<p>atelier le balto, <em>Archipel</em>, 2018, Courtesy atelier le balto. photo: hiepler, brunier</p>

atelier le balto, Archipel, 2018, Courtesy atelier le balto. photo: hiepler, brunier


The garden installation Archipel (2017) will break up the five existing „plant vessels“, which have been realized for the 9th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art in May 2016, and transform them into an archipelago. Six small islands are intended to accompany the visitors through the courtyard and all the way towards the new entrance of the exhibition spaces at KW, and the Café Bravo. They appear anchored to the already existing walnut trees, crab apples and cherry trees. The plantation expands and evolves from summer throughout autumn and thins out during winter.


With support by Lorberg Baumschulerzeugnisse