Nedko Solakov
Markierung, 2013

<p>Text and drawings<br />
 Felt-tip pen on various surfaces<br />
 Courtesy: Nedko Solakov, KW Institute for Contemporary Art<br />
 Photo: Thomas Eugster</p>

Text and drawings
Felt-tip pen on various surfaces
Courtesy: Nedko Solakov, KW Institute for Contemporary Art
Photo: Thomas Eugster


Markierung is a collaborative project between KW’s former Chief Curator Ellen Blumenstein and the artist Nedko Solakov. As the first presentation in the gutted exhibition spaces and part of the institution’s relaunch of the new programming, Markierung literally inscribed KW’s history in 2013, present and future, past and upcoming exhibitions and programs, as well as the curator’s wishes and hopes and the artist’s opinions on them into the space. Artist and curator walked through the spaces together, the curator telling stories and talking about plans, the artist converting the things heard into permanent comments and markings on the walls, windows, doors, and hallways. Free to combine for themselves – depending on which parts they view and imaginatively link – the visitors wandered through the physically empty exhibition opening in late April 2013, which was at the same time virtually full of stories. Parts of MARKIERUNG remain to interact with the audience and following programs, while others disappear as new projects replace them or as spaces change over time.