Philippe Van Snick, Dag/Nacht, 1984–ongoing



In the 1970s, Philippe Van Snick (born in 1946, in Ghent, BE) developed an interest for systematic methodologies, which lead him to formulate a consistent color and numeral system. This allowed him to create a steady body of work in the following decades. For Van Snick, light and color are both scientific, objective descriptions and subjective codes inspired by our everyday experience. The concept of time, more specifically the dualism of day and night and the lightness and darkness that signifies its passing, is often explored in his work, which also aims at underlining the experiential relationship between the viewer and his/her surroundings. By finding itself in the realm between painting and sculpture, the predominant concerns of modernism are invoked by questioning the autonomy of the artwork and geometric abstraction as a universal language. For KW, Van Snick will continue his investigation of the dualism of day and night and implement a black and white color scheme onto the entrance gates of the institution.