Robert Wilhite
Bob’s Pogo Bar, 2016



Robert Wilhite (born in 1946 in Santa Ana, US) is a Los Angeles based artist. His multi-disciplinary work includes sculpture, painting, drawing, design, and theatrical and sound performances. Marked by a continuous questioning of the accidental and the calculated, the conceptual and the tangible, Wilhite’s work displays a readiness to move freely amongst mediums and disciplines. In the late 1970s, Wilhite collaborated on four plays with Guy de Cointet and he remains, as of today, involved in the re-staging of these plays. In his artistic practice Wilhite has always been interested in set design and in creating theatrical situations for events to take place. For KW, the legendary Pogo Bar will be re-instated with a new design by Wilhite. It will function as a framework for artists to take over and orchestrate one-night experiences every Thursday evening.


For more information on the program, please visit Bob’s Pogo Bar.