Cruising Curators
Foreword to Leonilson


20 May 21, 7 pm

In English


The online-workshop will take place via Zoom. Registration required via



<p>Image: Leonilson, <em>Sem título (untitled)</em>, 1990, Courtesy: Bank Itaú Collection,</p>
<p>São Paulo</p>

Image: Leonilson, Sem título (untitled), 1990, Courtesy: Bank Itaú Collection,

São Paulo


On the occasion of Leonilson, Drawn 1975–1993, Cruising Curators (CC) proposes a collective exercise in the form of a reflective reading session.


This online event will focus on enhancing mutual contact, departing from the current duality of affection-infection and tackling the realities of the back then and the right now. Our first contact will be established both via exchange of postcards – using written language as an introductory medium – as well as through collective slow reading. Including a selection of works by Leonilson and excerpts from Samuel R. Delany’s book Times Square Red, Times Square Blue (1999), this exercise aims to create intimate spaces for shared reflections between the participants. As an open invitation to join Cruising Curators’ collective methodologies, this session aspires to be an investigation on the politics and spaces of proximity (interferences with the body, the urban landscape, the pandemic etc) and an expansion of the contact to “possible others”.



Cruising Curators (CC) is a curatorial collective that focuses on expansive yet experimental forms of knowledge production/circulation – departing from texts, objects, audiovisual and analogue materials in search for alternative epistemes. Decentralising authorship, cruising is for us a continuous tale of interactions, bringing spontaneous hunches, instants and stories from theory, fiction and daily spheres into artistic practices.


Cruising Curators (CC) started off as a reading group between some of the participants of the 11th Berlin Biennale’s curatorial workshop How now to gather, and is currently constituted by Nuno de Brito Rocha, Bengisu Çağlayan, Raphael Daibert, Eirini Fountedaki, Luise Leon Elbern, Viviane Tabach and Sarnt Utamachote.



Due to the limited capacity we would like to ask you to register via


If you would like to participate in the introductory postcard exchange, please also send your postal address. We respect everyone’s privacy and this part of the program therefore is optional.