DJ Set by tryniti

1 May 22, 4–6 pm
Venue: KW courtyard
free entry


<p>Photo: <a href="">Lea Hopp</a></p>

Photo: Lea Hopp


Somewhere between hardstyle lovesongs, UK grime, nostalgic guilty pleasures, and contemporary remixes – tryniti blends what they find along the way with gems of queer and femme producing.


In the context of Gallery Weekend Berlin and the last day of the current exhibitions, tryniti provides experimental hiphop, softpop and soulful trashcore for daytime dancefloors and twilit hangouts in the KW courtyard.


tryniti is, among other things, co-founder of fam, an artistic collective and dj-label focusing on femxle produced music and safer spaced entertainment beyond genre-boundaries.