<p>“berlin&ich”- a Berlin Mondiale project with and for new Berliners, photo: Jennifer Aksu and Anna Hentschel, 2018  </p>

“berlin&ich”- a Berlin Mondiale project with and for new Berliners, photo: Jennifer Aksu and Anna Hentschel, 2018  


Away from their individual everyday lives, a group of women of different ages meet for joint excursions. Where am I in Berlin,and who else is here? Which excursions do I like to look back at,and which ones would I like to add to these memories? What do I want as a contrast to my everyday life, and what is there never time for?


The berlin&ich project was developed as part of the Berlin Mondiale network in collaboration with Berlinische Galerie – Kreativhaus Mitte – KW Institute for Contemporary Art. It was born out of the simple need to do something of one’s own,away from everyday life, to have time for oneself,and to get to know Berlin in a different way. New Berliners with and without experience of displacement expressed this wish several times during the weekly language café atthe Kreativhaus.


Starting with a collective wish production, Anna Hentschel and Jennifer Aksu from invisible playground defined together with the participants mostly on unknown corners and activities in Berlin. These included urban spaces, urban gardens created from participative exchanges, and exhibitions which were later evaluated over coffee and cake.


berlin&ich‘s excursions made it possible to travel through the city independently, to find an individual approach to different urban places and to exchange ideas, while the children of the participating mothers spent their time with creative activities in achildren’s program created by the artist Jelena Fuzinato. Thus, berlin&ich itself became a kind of free space, a free space for knowledge exchange, ranging from lecture preparation to health insurance, and a free space for a new group, allied by common experiences.


The first phase of the project, with a total of ten excursions, was devoted entirely to getting to know the women themselves, the participating institutions and the many possibilities within the field of “education and outreach”. As the program was met with great interest, a continuation of the project is planned for 2019, this time with a focus on artistic activities for all!




Project team


Artistic direction program for women:                       
Jennifer Aksu and Anna Hentschel (invisible playground)


Language mediation program for women:                 
Huma Sherzai and Sanaa Wajid Ali


Artistic direction program for children:                      
Jelena Fuzinato


Project assistance program for children:                   
Hozaifa Khalaili and Farida Rashid


Conceptual collaboration and project management:               
Marie Newid and Christine van Haaren (Berlinische Galerie)
Melina Sifnaiou and Jana Thormählen (Kreativhaus e. V.)
Duygu Örs and Katja Zeidler (KW Institute for Contemporary Art)



berlin&ich is part of the network Berlin Mondiale – a project by the Berlin Council for the Arts (Rat für die Künste Berlin), operated by the Cultural Network Neukölln (Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln e. V.) and was supported by the supported by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe.