Eliana Otta
Aching places, screaming words, premonitory agreements


Workshop, max. capacity 11 people
5 May 21, 5–8 pm (CET)
In English


To register for the workshop, please send an email to mediation@kw-berlin.de with a short introduction about yourself or your practice, and your motivation to join the workshop.


<p>Eliana Otta, <em>Rehearsing horizontalities</em>, 2017. Photo: Atanasio Gatos</p>

Eliana Otta, Rehearsing horizontalities, 2017. Photo: Atanasio Gatos


How to express what aches, confuses or paralyzes us while being distanced? How to relate to protest and dissent when withdrawn from the public space? How to remain critical and socially engaged while dedicating our days to search for wellbeing under uncertain circumstances? Eliana Otta is a multidisciplinary artist from Lima whose practice proposes collective activities that intertwine orality, poetry, embodied knowledge and physical practices. Acknowledging how the need to redefine struggling actions and vocabularies seems as overwhelming as urgent, Otta’s workshop will embark on the task of identifying the possible meanings that the term “political” can bring into the pandemic context. It will review the foundational seams patching societies, questioning what Constitutions should be and do for us today, when most of us are revisiting what constitutes us as peoples and inhabitants of this planet. Expanding from the individual to the collective, we’ll work with words and imagination, with desires and poetry, navigating together from intimate goals to possible sources of political renewal.