An empty pursuit of arriving



17 October 13


Leones, Photo: Jazmín López, Diego Bianchi
Leones, Photo: Jazmín López, Diego Bianchi


Screening of Jazmín López' **Leones** (2012)
Introduced by Franz Rodenkirchen

An evening in three parts.

A conversation between Jazmín López and Franz Rodenkirchen (in English) - a glossary of images, thoughts and preferences.
Flowers, self-love/hate, spoiled endings, cars, adventure, preferences, maps, play...

Screening. A mystery, an adventure, a game of hidden rules: Jazmín López' film Leones of 2012 combines the precision of a narrative concept with the seductive power of the cinematographic apparatus itself.

A thought: to make the film, the one that exists from the very beginning; a search for pathways.
To let the film become what might never come to its end – and yet, contain the possibility to tell of something. Just lets it be, be like that. Departing, but keeping this departure alive against an inevitable arrival. The moment and its duration.
The desire that is always already within ourselves, traversing us, to rediscover it in the traversing of the film space, with or even against the characters, who become subjects of our desire. Who occasionally manage, against all our efforts, to escape this desire.
And in this – to become.

Jazmín López - Q & A.