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Accompanying the exhibitions Rabih Mroué: Under the Carpet and Peter Friedl: Report 1964–2022, several focus tours offer the opportunity to approach the exhibition by means of in-depth insights, different accesses and voids in addition to regular exhibition guided tours. For these occasions, art mediators Barbara Campaner, Jeanne-Ange Wagne and Raoul Zoellner invite conversation partners for a joint exchange.


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For all KW events the 3G rule applies (vaccinated, recovered or tested). Wearing a medical or FFP2 mask remains mandatory.


<p>Peter Friedl, <i>Untitled</i>, 1964. Pencil, colored pencil on paper, 14.9 x 19.9 cm. Private collection, Berlin. Courtesy the artist.</p>

Peter Friedl, Untitled, 1964. Pencil, colored pencil on paper, 14.9 x 19.9 cm. Private collection, Berlin. Courtesy the artist.


Peter Friedl: Focus-Tour

Wed, 27 April 22, 5 pm

Barbara Campaner with Heike Bollig


Mit Wörtern gehen. Offener Schreibworkshop
Visitors of Peter Friedl’s exhibition are offered a glimpse into the artist’s private life, with artworks that have produced spaces for imagination and associations for over half a century. What role can language play there? How do image and word relate to each other?

The exhibition offers the framework for an exchange with oneself and others, writing impulses are stimulated by methods of creative writing.

Whether short texts, the beginnings of sentences or messages, the self-positioning in relation to the works of art, and the linking of associations are the source of inspiration for the Focus Tour.


Peter Friedl: Focus Tour

Wed, 6 April 22, 5 pm

Raoul Zoellner with Carina Erdmann


‘I wish they´d never told me that my playground was just a parking lot’

Halfway into Peter Friedl´s monographic survey you come across a battlefield of deflated beasts. Fluffy kids costumes of reptiles and gorillas are scattered on the ground. Scraps of distant memories of a once unspoiled view onto the world full of possibilities. It´s a tragic sight. You finally woke up to a world that´s fully rationalized. Playgrounds that are fully standardized. 99 Problems in your mail account. 

Transformation is one of the aspects that keeps reappearing in Peter Friedl´s works. So during this Focus Tour we will zoom in onto the transformative potential of things — you might join as a person, but leave as a giraffe again.


Rabih Mroué: Focus Tour

Wed, 16 March 22, 5 pm

Jeanne-Ange Wagne with Nikolas Brummer


Reflecting Mroué’s deconstruction of the image:
How to approach crisis from within the art museum?
Art allows the artist to also reflect on theoretical and political discourses on an associative level. Especially in the context of artworks discussing political matters, the question of adequate discussion of crisis within art institutions and the museum arises.
Keeping principles of solidarity and care as well as Mroué’s works of art and deconstructive practice in mind, the 2-hour long focus tour seeks to provide a space to collectively formulate possibilities to approach crisis from within the art museum.







<div><span lang="NL">Rabih Mroué, <i>Black Box # 3,</i> 2016. Courtesy the artist</span></div>
Rabih Mroué, Black Box # 3, 2016. Courtesy the artist