Guy Goldstein



3 April 14


Guy Goldstein, Propogation, 2014, film still, Courtesy of Guy Goldstein
Guy Goldstein, Propogation, 2014, film still, Courtesy of Guy Goldstein


Israeli media artist Guy Goldstein presents a new performance, a publication, and film produced to premier at KW's Performative Minutes series. The narrative of the evening stumbles between events, important and quizzical, public and private, like a distracted online browser drawing connecting lines between his many random points. During the event, Goldstein's new film and performance PROPAGATION (2014), and his newly published issue of the series The World According To... by The Office (2014) are set in conversation, ordering the chaotic events into parallel media and sparking new angles, realizations, and ideas.

Guy Goldstein (born 1974 in Haifa, Israel, lives and works in Tel Aviv) is a visual artist, musician, educator, and graphic designer. His work is based on sound but includes many mediums, in which the process of translation between forms becomes an unpredictable, crucial component of the final piece. His installations, drawings, and videos contain a delicate balance of designed purpose and unforeseeable disruptions, playing with the limits of control and its loss.

The event is kindly sponsored by Rivka Saker, Artis Grant Program, the Embassy of the State of Israel in Germany, and Schir.

The World According To Guy Goldstein was recently published by the curatorial collective The Office and is distributed by argobooks.