Hanno Leichtmann / Tobias Purfürst



19 February 15


Photo: Michael Tan
Photo: Michael Tan


At the February edition of the FEED FREQUENCIES series, Tobias Purfürst will premiere his solo electronic work UN_/PREPARED, a calculated navigation through the depths and details of an immersive landscape whose result is to be part of an audience leveled with an exhilarating and satisfying experience.

It is followed by, Hanno Leichtmann's presentation of an audio-visual experience, performing his salient release MINIMAL STUDIES together with an 8mm film by Carolin Brandl. Hanno Leichtmann's music is neither based on gushing euphony nor psychoacoustic effects. Instead it restricts itself to basics of electronic music by combining the repetitive structures of minimal music with elements of once groundbreaking Berlin club music.

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