1. 9 February 17
  2. 8–11 pm
  3. Bob’s Pogo Bar


5 € for non-members, paid at the door.
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Jamie Crewe
Potash Lesson

<p>Jamie Crewe, <em>Potash Takes Spironolactone</em>, 2016</p>

Jamie Crewe, Potash Takes Spironolactone, 2016


For KW’s first Lichtspiele, artist Jamie Crewe presents Potash Lesson, a performance that considers the rights to representation. Potash Lesson draws on the history and style of popular lectures presented at the Paris Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital during the late 1800s (where hysterical women were encouraged to perform their symptoms for a public audience). This history is placed in parallel with Crewe’s personal reflections on one of their older video works, which depicts a model invited to sit in their capacity as a gay man, but who has since identified as trans. Traversing materials that include a mistranslated play, a scene of humiliation, and a chemical stimulant, this performance is a meditation on questions of trans visibility, feminine pathologization, and the interpersonal ethics of artistic collaboration.


Jamie Crewe is an artist, singer and a beautiful bronze figure with a polished cocotte’s head.