Jonathan Meese



30 September – 28 November 00


opening: 30. September 2000, 17 - 21 h

Aus der Holzhand entsprang mau-mau SEI das Nährwesen aus nackt, später erschien im Alten Ozean der Raubtiermensch. Es gab Kleidung aus ZINNLEDER und Nahrungssud: Melasse, Zucker, BROT (Schlag aus) er erfolgt ERZYNG.

Ich war 1992–93 der Besessene am Kübelwagen (HOLZHAND aus Mehl) an den Felsen des Mosaiksaals hing NÄHR und seit Capitaine DANJOU, KÉPI blan und EXPIDITION "SAALYSM".
=> es verbarg den ERZSAAL CAPITAINE DANJOU entsprang.
(ZAHLADERN aus HOLZ) weggerißen.

Followed by a performance, Jonathan Meese will open his new installation at the KW Institute of Contemporary Art on Saturday, September 30, 2000, from 5 to 9 pm.

In his installations, Jonathan Meese presents a microcosm of various objects and meanings. His conglomerate of materials, whether photographs, books, bullets, music, or sculptures, originating from historical sources such as the Bible, the Roman Empire, Nietzsche, or Wagner, as well as the immense variety of contemporary junk culture. The artist himself, whether in the form of self-portraits or disguised in persona, is always part of his actions.

Meese has often been described as an artist who revives the traditional role of the artist as a shaman or priest. Critics like Isabelle Graw described him as "a kind of reincarnation of Jospeh Beuys" (Spex, April 1999). While his first actions focused on youthful pop culture, his present performances are increasingly characterized by a mythical dimension. According to the definition of modern philosophers such as Roland Barthes, myths are composed of different bearers and are characterized by the omnipresent significance of the important ones, but the emphatic emphasis and repetition empties the individual meanings. In his actions and installations, Meese’s use of objects, words, and music has precisely this effect of simultaneous meaning and meaninglessness.

Jonathan Meese was born in 1970 in Tokyo and studied art at the Hochschule der Künste in Hamburg. His performances and installations were to be seen during the 1. berlin biennale (1998), at P.S.1, New York (Generation Z, 1999), and in the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg (German Open, 1999) amongst others. Meese lives and works in Berlin.

KW wishes to thank Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin, for their kind support.