Klosterruine x Pogo Bar:
Verena Buttmann and Niclas Riepshoff
Offene Fenster


24 June 22, 7 pm

Venue: Klosterruine, Klosterstraße 73a, 10179 Berlin


Please register via pogobar@kw-berlin.de


<p>Bild: <em>Offene Fenster</em>_Verena Buttmann & Niclas Riepshoff</p>

Bild: Offene Fenster_Verena Buttmann & Niclas Riepshoff


An evening about the future, so that Verena Buttmann and Niclas Riepshoff take a look at the past. The point of departure are poems that were written between 1965 – 1989 by the GDR youth and which were collected by the teacher and publicist Edwin Kratschmer. Within a timeframe of 20 years this selection of poems was published in nine volumes with the title “Offene Fenster”. The first volume was released in 1967.
In front of the open scenery of the Klosterruine, which is located in the former East of Berlin, this youthful lyricism emerging from the tension between state governance and emancipatory endeavors is placed among music of teenagers today.


The arrangement looks at the question of how a “feeling of youth” is expressed in different temporal and societal contexts and which potential “pubertal states of society” can be born from this bio-social stage of life.


Verena Buttmann (b. 1988, Hamburg, DE) lives and works in Berlin. She studied Theatre and Media / German Language and Literature (Erlangen, DE), Fine Arts at the Hochschule für bildende Künste in Hamburg (Hamburg, DE) and at the École de Recherche graphique (Brussels, BE) .Her work has been shown at: Helga Maria Klosterfelde Edition (Berlin, DE); Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin, DE); Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof (Hamburg, DE); 019 (Ghent, BE) ; Klosterruine (Berlin, DE); Galerie Genscher/Park (Hamburg, DE); Videonale   Bonn (Bonn, DE); Thomas Schulte (Berlin, DE), Cashmere Radio (Berlin, DE); KIT (Düsseldorf, DE) among other venues. Verena Buttmann is part of the research and exhibition group Re:Re that works besides exhibitions on a series of publications.


Niclas Riepshoff (b.1992, Bremen, DE) lives and works in Berlin, Germany. He studied at the Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg (Hamburg, DE), Städelschule Frankfurt (Frankfurt am Main, DE) and at the California Institute of the Arts (Santa Clarita, California, US). His works have been shown at Kunstverein München (Munich, DE), Kunstverein Bremerhaven (Bremerhaven, DE), Müncher Kammerspiele (Munich, DE), Hamburger Kunstverein (Hamburg, DE), Belvedere 21 (Vienna, AT) and Almanac Inn (Turin, IT) among other venues. Besides his individual practice he works together with Tanja Nis-Hansen under the collaborative performance project CONNY.


<p>Design: Marc Hollenstein</p>

Design: Marc Hollenstein


In the summer months of 2022, Klosterruine and Pogo Bar join forces and merge their love for performative practices in order to present a series of three events in the ruins of the Franziskaner-Klosterkirche.


Klosterruine x Pogo Bar is a unique collaboration between the Klosterruine Berlin and the Pogo Bar of KW Institute for Contemporary Art, curated by Sofie Krogh Christensen, Léon Kruijswijk and Christopher Weickenmeier. The events will take place in the Klosterruine in Klosterstr. in Berlin-Mitte during June, July and August.