KW69 #4. Kerstin Cmelka: Stolen From My Subconscious



3 March – 3 April 11


Bernhard Schreiner, "Coltrane"
Bernhard Schreiner, "Coltrane"


Opening: Wednesday, 02.03.2011, 7pm
Zeitgeist Varieté: Wednesday, 02.03.2011, 5pm (by registration only)

With works by: Eva-Maria Wilde, Bernhard Schreiner, Mona Kuschel, Hanno Millesi, Adrian Williams, Nora Schultz, Mandla Reuter, Annette Ruenzler, Manuel Gorkiewicz

Stolen From My Subconscious is based on a historical occurence that took place in 1936: Salvador Dalí is invited to take part in the first big, international Surrealist exhibition in the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Fantastic Art, Dada and Surrealism. At the same time Joseph Cornell's surrealist film masterpiece Rose Hobart premiers in the famous Julien Levy Gallery. Dalí is in town and attends the event. During the screening of the film Dalí becomes extremely agitated. He shouts "Salaud!" and even knocks over the projector. Reportedly Dalí explains after being asked what has got into him that Cornell just made the film Dalí himself always wanted to make. Cornell, this bastard, he claims, stole it from his subconscious!

Prior to the opening of the exhibition, which starts at 7pm, the Zeitgeist Varieté starts at 5pm. Participants include Martina Aschbacher, Studio Manager; Ann Cotten, Author; Friedemann Heckel, Acne; Stephan Landwehr, Bilderrahmen Landwehr, Grill Royal; Alexander Schröder, Galerie Neu; Nathanja Westerheide and Julia Rech, American Apparel; Eva-Maria Wilde, Artist; Goor & Poison Ivory, Magician and Balloon Folder. Moderated by Adrian Williams and Kerstin Cmelka.
The Zeitgeist Varieté is already fully booked, but there will be a live video streaming on the first floor of KW's front house.

Opening hours: Tue – Sun noon – 7pm, Thur noon – 9pm
Admission free

The exhibition series KW69—situated in the front building KW Institute for Contemporary Art—provides a space for dialogue for artists, a kind of experimental stage that for one year will be the home to a number of artistic projects in quick succession. Moving on from one project to the next, the participants will shift roles, as the artists exhibiting then invite the next project. This dynamic interplay will enable unconventional points of reference, continuous shifts in perspective, and uses of the exhibition space that refer to and build on one another.

KW69 is conceived as an open cycle of exhibitions, which will only become concrete as the year progresses.

KW69 is made possible thanks to the support of the Friends of KW.

With kind support of PILSNER URQUELL.