KW69 #5. Eva-Maria Wilde: "Nach Abschluss der Reise"



14 April – 15 May 11


Eva-Maria Wilde, Beirut 2003
Eva-Maria Wilde, Beirut 2003


Opening: Wednesday, 13.04.2011, 7 pm

Lecture "Usbekistan" by Eva-Maria Wilde: Wednesday, 13.04.2011, 6 pm

With works by: Romane Holderried Kaesdorf, Tamayo Misawa, Henriette Grahnert, Anna Fasshauer, Ulrike Kuschel, Eva Seufert, Haegue Yang, Corinne Wasmuht, annette hollywood, Suse Weber, Habima Fuchs

The exhibition Nach Abschluss der Reise (After The Journey Ended) presents the work of female artists, whose practices are connected to traveling. These travels include the departure to unknown regions and situations as well as the exploration, learning and experiences collected there. The exhibition does not collect travel sketches or souvenirs, but works that have been made after the journey ended, in the "settled and secluded space" of the artist studio.

The exhibition comprises sculptures, collages, screenprints and paintings made by young artists from Berlin and Leipzig. A special position within the exhibition is taken by a selection of drawings by the artist Romane Holderried Kaesdorf (1922–2007). Kaesdorf was not interested in the physical act of traveling to foreign countries and cultures, but in an ongoing examination of contemporary art and the international art market, which she observed closely, as well as questioned and criticized. Highly informed, she traveled in her mind and included these journeys with gusto in her rich drawing work.

With special thanks to the Museum Biberach, Mr Degreif, the Kaesdorf family and the lenders.

Opening hours: Tue – Sun noon – 7 pm, Thur noon – 9pm
Admission free

The exhibition series KW69—situated in the front building KW Institute for Contemporary Art—provides a space for dialogue for artists, a kind of experimental stage that for one year will be the home to a number of artistic projects in quick succession. Moving on from one project to the next, the participants will shift roles, as the artists exhibiting then invite the next project. This dynamic interplay will enable unconventional points of reference, continuous shifts in perspective, and uses of the exhibition space that refer to and build on one another.

KW69 is conceived as an open cycle of exhibitions, which will only become concrete as the year progresses.

KW69 is made possible thanks to the support of the Friends of KW.

With kind support of PILSNER URQUELL.