Lara Schnitger



1 May – 2 July 00



Opening: 30.04.2000, 12-18h


From Mai 2 until July 2, KW Institute of Contemporary Art shows works of the Dutch artist Lara Schnitger on the third floor. The exhibition contains three large-scale photo collages and four sculptures.

Lara Schnitger (*1969 Haarlem, NL) explores the formal and dynamic aspects and limits of sculpture. Through the use of different materials like textile, foam, wood and plastic, Schitgers tent-like sculptures stand-alone like sheer tensions of an irrational net of loose elements. The atmosphere of her installations resembles an abstract, artificial garden, whose fragile forms describe a monumental framework, which works in an unusual way both natural and mobile. Schnitgers experimental handling with form, material and texture applies equally for her sculptures as well as for her videos and collage works. With variable grades of abstraction, the artist plays with subjects like fashion, privacy. and sexuality.

The presentation of her work at KW marks Lara Schnitger’s first exhibition in Berlin. The artist currently lives and works in Japan and the influence of this new environment is particularly present in the displayed photo collages of young women. The artist, as well as the portrayed, share the enthusiasm for comics, especially for Punkcomics.

The efforts the girls take to look as similar as their heroes, is accomplished by Schnitgers technique of incorporating woodcarved-like Comic effects digitally in her pictures: The girls are mutated into provocative Comic brats.

Works on display:

Sculptures: Touch and Smell Only, 1999 (Fabric, Wooden Poles, Metal Clips. 160 x 140 x 184 cm); Victory, 1999 (Fabric, Wooden Poles, Metal Clips. 270 x 270 x 130 cm); Big Pain, 1999 (Fabric, wooden Poles, Metal Clips. Variable Dimensions); Untitled (Blue and White plaid), 1999 (Fabric, Wooden Poles, Metal Clips. Variable Dimensions.); For You, 1998 (Pantyhoses. Variable Dimensions). Fotocollages: Shi, 1999; Akiko, 1999, Kanade, 1999.