Laura Horelli


14 April–31 May 20


Due to circumstances revolving around the COVID-19 virus, the film screening had to be canceled. Instead, we will show Laura Horelli’s Newstime (2019) online.


Film in various languages with English subtitles: 39:10 minutes



Laura Horelli’s (*1976, FI) film trilogy A Letter to Mother (2013), The Terrace (2011), and Haukka-Pala (2009) explores the boundaries of autobiography and memory—as unanswered questions to the deceased mother, as speculation about different routes a biography could have taken, or as comment on a historical coincidence that remained unregistered at the time. In 2017, Horelli’s billboard collages, Namibia Today, posted at Schillingstraße subway station in Berlin, addressed the legacy of socialist solidarity: The collaged reprints from Namibia Today—the GDR-funded and -printed English magazine of the Namibian liberation movement SWAPO—read as comments on a climate of increasing economic distress and xenophobia. Horelli’s latest film Newstime (2019) explores the Finnish-Namibian relations, being foreign, cultural differences, as well as Finland’s longstanding support of the Namibian liberation movement.