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On this page you can learn more about the exhibition.

Below you will find questions to think about in the exhibition.


Who are we?


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About the exhibition of Karen Lamassonne


Karen Lamassonne is an artist who makes paintings, drawings, collages, and videos.

She often focuses on domestic spaces such as bathrooms and bedrooms.

With her work she thinks about self-portraiture and representation, especially from her perspective as a woman.

Lamassonne has also worked on films and traveled around the world.

Films have been inspiring to her as an artist. 

Her most recent works involve reworking old documents, letters, and postcards to create collages that explore the nature of change over time.


<p>Karen Lamassonne,<em> Baño azul</em>, (Blue Bathroom), 1979, From the Bathroom series, 1979, Watercolor , 76 x 56 cm © Karen Lamassonne</p>

Karen Lamassonne, Baño azul, (Blue Bathroom), 1979, From the Bathroom series, 1979, Watercolor , 76 x 56 cm © Karen Lamassonne



What you can think about in the exhibition


You can use these questions as inspiration to engage with the works of Karen Lamassonne.


  1. How much plot is there in the works of Karen Lamassonne?
  2. What role does the female body play in the works of Karen Lamassonne?
  3. What would be the effect of the space without it?
  4. What themes or what in your life do you think are intimate?


Have fun!