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On this page you can learn more about the exhibition.


Below you will find questions that you can think about in the exhibition.


Who are we?


KW Institute for Contemporary Art is a place in Berlin where artists, institutions, and people come together to share ideas, discuss social and political issues, and experience art. We have exhibition halls, apartments, offices, event spaces, and a café, and work with partners around the world.



About the exhibition of Win McCarthy


Win McCarthy presents his first solo show at KW.

His art explores relationships between you, other people and the city.

He creates photography, text, and installations to show these feelings.

The exhibition focuses on how the individual is connected to the world through looking at the world. She shows how anyone experiences the world differently.  

For the exhibition McCarthy wrote a book that gives more insight into his work.

It is called Common Ruin.


<p>Win McCarthy, <em>Studio view</em>, 2023, 35 mm photograph © Win McCarthy</p>

Win McCarthy, Studio view, 2023, 35 mm photograph © Win McCarthy



What you can think about in the exhibition


You can use these questions as inspiration to engage with the works of Win McCarthy.


What stories can found objects tell?

What is general perception and where does personal perception begin?

Do you see a connection between the works of Win McCarthy?


Have fun!