Lose Enden in Archiven.
Exhibition Historiography


With Felix Vogel


In German


Lose Ende in Archiven is a four-part podcast that explores some unanswered questions about archival practice, theory, exhibition- and institutional history, and ties them to the new archive at KUNST-WERKE BERLIN e. V.
The podcast is conceived and moderated by Jenny Dirksen and Lara Scherrieble.



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<p>Installation view of the exhibition <em>Cyprien Gaillard. The Recovery of Discovery</em> at KW Institute for Contemporary Art, 2011; courtesy the artist, photo: Uwe Walter</p>

Installation view of the exhibition Cyprien Gaillard. The Recovery of Discovery at KW Institute for Contemporary Art, 2011; courtesy the artist, photo: Uwe Walter


The exhibition as a medium that requires its own historiography has only in the past two decades become the focus of interest for curatorial studies, but also for art history. Against the background of both KW and the Berlin Biennale being strongly influenced by the curatorial approach of their respective artistic directors as institutions, we speak to Felix Vogel about the role of “the curatorial” in exhibition historiography, the emerging canon of exhibition history, and the role of archives in this canonization process as well as the necessity of a theory of the exhibition.


Felix Vogel is Professor of Art and Knowledge at the University of Kassel, with secondary appointments at the Kunsthochschule Kassel and the documenta Institut. His research focuses on the history of art, architecture and knowledge from the 18th century to the present, Conceptual Art, and the theory and history of exhibition and exhibiting.


Production: Franz Schütte, Nadel Eins Studio Berlin

Sound recording: Large Dark Wind Chime by Klaus Weber, currently installed in KW’s courtyard

Speaker: Mareike Hein