15 July 17

8 pm

Studio, 1st floor, front building

This event is free



Lucy Beech:





Lucy Beech will screen her most recent film Pharmakon (2016). Pharmakon is a fictional narrative that explores health anxiety and self-diagnosis in an era of mass communication. The film focuses on an online bio-social community support group where women collaborate in their sickness through a shared discourse. The fictional community suffers from an unknown condition, which manifests itself as the sensation that the body is being colonized; host to unknown organisms living on, in, or under the surface of the skin.


Lucy Beech’s filmic works are often situated between documentary and fiction with a focus on female group dynamics. Her films make public, the private face of different social systems in order to examine various conflicted ‘politics of care’.


The Workshop is part of Jenna Bliss: Nihilism and Self Care