Luiz Roque
Heaven Unfolded


25 July 24, 9.30 pm

Venue: Courtyard

Price: 5€

Tickets available online / Remaining tickets at the box office


Information on accessibility can be found below.


<p>Luiz Roque, <em>HEAVEN</em>, Film still, 2016. Performer: Gretta Starr. Courtesy of the artist and Mendes Wood DM, São Paulo/Brussels/Paris/New York © the artist.</p>

Luiz Roque, HEAVEN, Film still, 2016. Performer: Gretta Starr. Courtesy of the artist and Mendes Wood DM, São Paulo/Brussels/Paris/New York © the artist.


Heaven Unfolded brings together a selection of experimental video works concerned with both historical and ongoing discrimination against queer people and potential liberatory futures. The event begins with and departs from Luiz Roque’s dystopian sci-fi video HEAVEN (2016). In the year 2080 in Brazil, a virus spread through saliva has been mutating into a much more aggressive form that seems to target transgender people who take hormones approved by the Secretary of Health. The work is a speculative analogy that alludes to the ongoing HIV/AIDS epidemic and healthcare inequities along class and gender lines.


Eat Me (1975) by Lygia Pape presents closeup shots of two mouths chewing on and spitting out unidentifiable objects. The work makes use of the Brazilian cultural metaphor of anthropophagy—the idea of devouring the Other to absorb its energy—and serves as an allegory of the violence gripping Brazil at the time of its creation. In the context of this screening, Eat Me raises questions about intimacy, attraction, abjection, repulsion and objectification.


Combining street interviews, newspaper clippings, found movie fragments, and homages to historical queer figures, Temporada de caça (Hunting Season, 1988) by Rita Moreira explores multiple perspectives around the waves of homophobic hate crimes that occurred in São Paulo in the late 1980s. Although the footage reveals a widespread intolerance of sexual minorities, through her montage Moreira denounces such perspectives and their endorsement by the media and cultural industry. Temporada de caça insists that homosexuality is intrinsic to both mankind and nature, and that being different is no aberration or perversion.


Violence and discrimination instigates the two protagonists in Somos Libres!? (Are We Free?, 1981) by Miguel-Ángel Cárdenas to move away from their current undisclosed religious whereabouts and find a place where they can feel more free. They eventually land in Amsterdam via Barcelona but find themselves disillusioned with both of these so-called progressive cities.


Running order:
Luiz Roque, HEAVEN, 2016, 9 minutes
Lygia Pape, Eat Me, 1975, 9 minutes
Rita Moreira, Temporada de caça, 1988, 24 minutes
Miguel-Ángel Cárdenas, Somos Libres!?, 1981, 21 minutes



Accessibility Info


The event will be held in the front building of KW. KW’s studio in the front building is not barrier free. A staircase with 15 steps and railings leads up.


Entrance starts at 4 pm.
If necessary, we can offer you an earlier entrance from 3.45 pm so that you can familiarize yourself with the surroundings and choose your seat. Please register for this via
The event might start with a delay.
Late entrance is possible.
The duration of the event is approx. 60 minutes.
The event is held without breaks.


Chairs with backrests are provided.


Sensory Stimuli:
The event has a medium volume.
The event space is dark/darkened.
The event space is warm.


Event type:
The event is planned as a relaxed performance. This means that the performance will take place in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. You are free to move around, leave and come back whenever you like.


The event is held in English.
There is no translation.


Trigger warning:
explicit content
expicitly sexual content
(incurable) disease


Aids / Accompanying persons:
Assistance dogs can be brought along to the event.
There is free admission for assisting persons.


Contact persons:
If you have any further questions regarding accessibility, please send an e-mail to
If you have any questions on-site or need support, please approach the entrance staff.