Maiken Bent
Continental Facilities



20 March – 1 May 16


Maiken Bent, TROLLEY #11, 2015<br>Courtesy the artist
Maiken Bent, TROLLEY #11, 2015
Courtesy the artist


Opening: Saturday, 19.3.16, 18−21 h

Maiken Bent’s (born in 1980 in Copenhagen) sculptures and installations constantly mix seemingly opposing elements: masculine with feminine, functional with emotional, ready-mades with handmade objects, and abstract forms with physical presence. Often applying brute force and gestures, she deforms elaborately manufactured objects as well as precious materials and forces them into new sculptural positions.

With Continental Facilities, her first solo show in Germany, Bent presents existing and newly conceived
works that linger in a state between rigidity and transformation. Partly mounted on trolleys or lifting carriages, the objects are fixed but at the same time moveable – ready for physical interaction, further artistic processing, or for their next shipping.

Curated by Nina Mende

Continental Facilities by Maiken Bent is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.