Michel Majerus
x Pogo Bar:


POSTPONED UNTIL SPRING 2023 // 13 January 23, 8 pm

In English

Venue: KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Pogo Bar

Registration: pogobar@kw-berlin.de


<p>Photo: Philth Haus</p>

Photo: Philth Haus


REPSXL is a sexuality marketplace and sound bath by the art collective PHILTH HAUS. This event will launch their first L.P. entitled REP, released via AQNB and made available to stream the day of the event.


REP consists of a series of tracks each titled after sexualities ranging from lesbianism to pansexuality to fictosexuality. Each song has its own album cover which will be presented as a series of NFTs which audience members may bid on over the course of the sound bath album listening session. All songs feature samples from 2000s pop music, ad jingles, and noise to produce hormonally-charged audio ranging from 2 minutes to 14 minutes in length.


The bidding period will last through the show and extend over two weeks with successful bidders being notified of their acquisition of their sexuality NFT. Choose wisely the sexuality you wish to add to your portfolio, whether self-identified or not.


Floor seating and instruction cards will be provided.