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25–27 November 11




25. – 27.11.2011

Opening Party at Café Bravo: Friday, 25.11.2011, 9–12 pm

Opening hours

Friday, 25.11.2011, 3–9 pm
Saturday, 26.11.2011, 3–9 pm
Sunday, 27.11.2011, 12–7 pm

For the third time Miss Read has invited international publishers and artists to show their books at KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin. As a genre of its own, the artist book reflects contemporary ways of artistic production and publishing to a great extent and also addresses issues of presentation and circulation as well as new strategies of distribution. Presenting a selection of more than 80 of the most active contributors in this field, the festival provides the opportunity to encounter and explore the contemporary scene of independent publishing.

A Prior Magazine, Ghent | Afterall, London | AKV Berlin, Berlin | AND Publishing, London | Anita Di Bianco, New York/Berlin | Apparent Extent, Cologne | Archive Books, Berlin | argobooks, Berlin | Art Metropole, Toronto | Automatic Books, Venice | b_books, Berlin | ballabella papers, Berlin | Bartleby & Co., Brussels | Bedford Press, London | Boabooks, Geneva | BOM DIA BOA TARDE BOA NOITE, Berlin | Brinkmann & Bose, Berlin | Broken Dimanche Press, Berlin | Bücherbogen, Berlin | Bücher & Hefte, Berlin | Camera Austria, Graz | Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory, Utrecht | Dutch Art Institute/MFA ArtEZ, Arnhem | edition fink, Verlag für zeitgenössische Kunst, Zurich | Edition Patrick Frey, Zurich | Edition Taube, Stuttgart | EN/OF, Berlin/Kleve | Errant Bodies, Berlin | Fillip, Vancouver/Berlin | Fritz Balthaus, Berlin | FUKT magazine for Contemporary Drawing, Berlin | GAGARIN, Antwerp | GRAPHIC magazine, Seoul | hard copy (HEAD — Genève & Monospace Press), Amsterdam | information as material, York | Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht | Knust/Extrapool, Nijmegen | Kunstverein Publications, Amsterdam | LemonMelon, London | Lubok Verlag, Leipzig | Mathieu Copeland Presents, London | Maximage, Berlin | Merve Verlag, Berlin | Michael Baers, Berlin | Michalis Pichler, Berlin | mono.kultur, Berlin | Morava, Poznań | Mörel, London | Motto Books, Berlin | Mousse Publishing, Milan | Nebula Books, Copenhagen | Occasional Papers, London | OEI magazine, Stockholm | OMMU, Athens | Onomatopee, Eindhoven | Paraguay Press, a division of castillo/corrales, Paris | Passenger Books, Berlin | Piktogram & Bureau of Loose Associations, Warsaw | Pork Salad Press, Copenhagen | Precinct, London | Pro qm, Berlin | Provence, Berlin/Nice | Publication Studio, Portland | Rafaela Drazic & DeLVe, Zagreb | Revolver Publishing, Berlin | Rollo Press, Zurich | Roma Publications, Amsterdam | Sara MacKillop, London | Scriptings/Achim Lengerer, Berlin/Amsterdam | Space Poetry, Copenhagen | Spector Books, Leipzig | Starship, Berlin | Sternberg Press, Berlin | Studienzentrum für Künstlerpublikationen in der Weserburg, Bremen | THE GREEN BOX, Berlin | The Piracy Project, London | The Surplus Library | Ugly Duckling Presse, New York | umool umool, Amsterdam | urban art info, Berlin | Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Cologne | Verlag Silke Schreiber, Munich | Westphalie, Vienna | Wiens Verlag, c/o Wien Lukatsch, Berlin | X Marks the Bökship, London | Zavod P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E., Ljubljana

Miss Read. Event program
Friday, 25.11., 6–9 pm
Saturday, 26.11., 3–7 pm
Sunday, 27.11., 3–5 pm

Event program on contemporary ways of artistic publishing:

With a poetry talk by Jason Dodge and Dieter Roelstraete, lectures by David Robbins and Nick Thurston, presentations by Casco Issues, OEI magazine, Kunstverein Publications, a discussion with Triple Canopy and Project Projects, a performance-lecture by Kerstin Cmelka, a reading by Megan Francis Sullivan, and an open mike by The Piracy Project.

The event program takes place in English.

Friday, 25.11.2011, 7 pm / Café Bravo
Cecilia Grönberg, Jonas (J) Magnusson: OEI – A Short Presentation (on Editorial Practices and the Magazine as a Montage Table and a Reading Machine)

Friday, 25.11.2011, 8 pm / Café Bravo
Megan Francis Sullivan: For Phil Andros

Friday, 25.11.2011, 8.30 pm / Café Bravo
Invocation, Empathy and Repetition
Mikrodramas by Kerstin Cmelka

Friday, 25.11.2011, 9.30 pm / Café Bravo
'A Cocktail Reception for the letters A, B & C' by Raimundas Malasauskas

Saturday, 26.11.2011, 4 pm / Front house KW, 1st floor
'information as material, or, some pirates of letters'
Talk by Nick Thurston

Saturday, 26.11.2011, 5 pm / Front house KW, 1st floor
The Piracy Project – I'm a pirate, are you?
Open Mike by Eva Weinmayr & Andrea Francke

Saturday, 26.11.2011, 6 pm / Front house KW, 1st floor

With Triple Canopy and Project Projects

Sunday, 27.11.2011, 2 pm / Front house KW, 1st floor
Casco Issues XII: Generous Structures – a film and a talk about improvisation

Bill Dietz and Micah Silver in conversation with Binna Choi and Axel Wieder
Film by Beatrice Gibson: Agatha (Rough Cut), 15 min., 2011

Sunday, 27.11.2011, 3 pm / Front house KW, 1st floor
Der Dichter Iwar von Lücken

Jason Dodge and Dieter Roelstraete Talk Poetry

Sunday, 27.11.2011, 4 pm / Front house KW, 1st floor
Alternatives to Art: High Entertainment and Concrete Comedy
Talk by David Robbins

Miss Read for children

Miss Read invites all children to visit the special reading and picture book area.

The reading and picture book area is made possible with the kind support of:

Aufbau Verlag, Berlin, Beltz & Gelberg, Weinheim, Bloomsbury Verlag, Berlin, Bohem Press, Zurich, Boje Verlag, Cologne, Coppenrath Verlag, Münster, DuMont Buchverlag, Cologne, Gerstenberg Verlag, Hildesheim, Carl Hanser Verlag, Munich, Kinderbuchverlag Wolff, Frankfurt am Main, Luftschacht Verlag, Wien, mixtvision Verlag, München, Moritz Verlag, Frankfurt am Main, NordSüd Verlag, Zurich, Peter Hammer Verlag, Wuppertal, Revolver Publishing, Berlin, Sauerländer, Mannheim, Schlehdorn Verlag, Berlin, Verlag Antje Kunstmann, Munich, Verlagshaus Jacoby & Stuart, Berlin.

Workshop for children from age 5
Sunday, 27.11.2011, 3–5 pm, Right side wing KW, ground floor

„Self-made! My very first artist book"
Under the direction of Silke Feldhoff, children from age 5 get the opportunity to draw, print and make a collage in order to produce their very own artist book.
Bookings at:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Attendance: maximum of 15 children. Free admission to the workshop.

Miss Read. Projects
Art Metropole presents The Surplus Library On Affect & Economic Exchange and Commerce by Artists. The Surplus Library On Affect & Economic Exchange is a project by Antonia Hirsch.
During the Fair, a selection of the library's holdings will be on view at Art Metropole's booth.

Sunday, November 27, 1–4 pm: Bring your own books relating to the subject of affect and economic exchange and register a new branch of the library! Your books will be scanned and registered on site to contribute to The Surplus Library's holdings.

In redefining the concept of a physical library, The Surplus Library operates on the basic assumption

that its specific collection of books already exists in the material world: in the homes and private collections of countless individuals. Some of the holdings of this vast and distributed library can become known and accessible through The Surplus Library website. The site develops as the library's holdings and locations are registered by users. The books' content cannot be accessed online; instead, person-to-person borrowing and lending (owing and extending credit) in the physical world is facilitated by the site. The project functions as a highly idiosyncratic register of literature on its specific topic, while concurrently embodying the subject of its holdings: quasi-economic, non-monetary exchanges trading on curiosity, desire, and trust—in other words, affect.


Art Metropole is equally pleased to introduce Luis Jacob's most recent book at its booth, fresh off the press, Commerce by Artists: Commerce affects our lives in countless ways, connecting people and products in transactions spanning the globe. Commerce by Artists documents a sweeping range of artists' projects produced since the 1950s by Canadian and international artists who have sought to engage, rather than merely represent, the commercial world of which they are a part. Includes contributions by over 50 artists and writers: Carole Condé & Karl Beveridge, Maria Eichhorn, Andrea Fraser, Felix Gonzalez Torres, Mary Kelly, Ben Kinmont, Yves Klein, Life of a Craphead, Lin Yilin, Keith Obadike, Martha Rosler, Reid Shier, Ron Terada, Toxic Titties, Goran Trbuljak, Mierle Laderman Ukeles, and many more.

In collaboration with

The Piracy Project is an international publishing and exhibition project exploring the philosophical, legal and practical implications of book piracy and creative modes of reproduction. With a series of talks from guest speakers, workshops, and an open call for pirated book projects to add to a Piracy Collection we aim to develop a critical and vibrant platform for issues raised by acts of cultural piracy. After a period of research and production at the Byam Shaw Reading Room in London this unique collection of books will travel to international venues. At Miss Read we will make a temporary reading room showing selected projects from the collection.

The Piracy Project is a collaboration between AND Publishing and artist Andrea Francke.

Miss Read and the accompanying event program are free of charge.

Miss Read is a collaboration with Stadt Land Buch and is realized under the initiative of KW Institute for Contemporary Art, argobooks and Michalis Pichler.

Project management KW: Anke Schleper

The program is a collaboration of Anke Schleper, Axel John Wieder and Alexis Zavialoff.

Design: Matthias Friederich, Julian von Klier with Achim Lengerer, Reading The Aesthetics of Resistance


Thursday, November 24, from 7 pm
"Edit" meets "Reportagen" at the Reading Room in an encounter between two literary magazines

"Edit – Papier für Texte" from Leipzig, which is already in its 57th edition and looking back on a comprehensive past, meets "Reportagen" from Bern for a dialogue, which has only just published its first issue. With their respective backgrounds in literature and journalism, both may approach reality from different directions, and yet they each boast flashes of the other's qualities.

We are looking forward to a textual evening, indeed, with Claude Fankhauser (Reportagen), Jörg Dege (Edit) and Mathias Zeiske (Edit). Afterwards, Philipp Neumann (mzin) will provide the music.

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